RFID Sleeve

On the latest debit/credit cards you will see a magnetic ship embeded in the card. These are Radio Frequency IDentification chips. 

rfid on credit card

These chips are being used as a replacement for the once ubiquitous magnetic stripe. By using RFID on these cards instead of the stripe, the convenience we gain is that they are less susceptible to damage, and don’t need to be run through a strip reader which has its own problems. How often have you had to run a card through three or four times per transaction? It’s a pain compared to just tapping the card reader. The RFID chips can also store more information and have that information encrypted, supposedly for your safety.

To protect your credit/debit card, just place it in an RFID blocking sleeve and place into your wallet.

credit card in rfid sleeve2

Identity Shields RFID Credit Card Protectors

  • VERY SECURE - Our credit card protector sleeves for blocking are lined with a powerful electromagnetically opaque shield, approved by the US Govt, which blocks signals from unauthorized scanning devices and electronic pickpocketers.
  • BUILT TOUGH FOR DAILY USE - Made from durable materials that won't wear out from daily carrying. Slip your card into the sleeve hundreds of times! An RFID sleeve protector can withstand the use without breaking/tearing.
  • SHIELD YOUR INFORMATION - Your RFID Blocking sleeve protects credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, and other RFID-enabled ISO / EPC contactless Smart Cards and RFID Tags.
  • EASY TO TEST - To check that your RFID credit card protector is working, simply drop by a Walmart, Mcdonalds, CVS or other large retailers and try them out on the checkout scanner, by placing your card in the sleeve and scanning.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We trust our RFID sleeves for blocking completely. If you are not 100% satisfied with our sleeves for any reason just ask and we will provide you with a refund or free replacement ASAP - whichever you prefer.
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