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I don't know what the technology might be called but my Canada credit cards have a chip and are also able to make payments with a "tap". The symbol on the card is like the WiFi symbol - 3 curves.

On my recent trip to New York, I was surprised to get an email from my credit card company regarding some unusual activity on my credit card. Immediately I logged into my credit card account and found 4 charges of around $600 for items and stores which I have never been to.

I called the credit card company and after a lengthy chat with 3 different people in 3 departments, it had been established that my credit card had been “skimmed” by a digital pickpocketer who must have bumped into me somewhere while I was walking around. I was amazed that this actually happens. In fact I was informed that digital skimming is now one of the latest headaches facing credit card companies.

I immediately went to a Staples store and bought a pack of RFID credit card protector sleeves and put all of my debit and credit cards in them.

So instead of the regular pickpockets that we used to have to be vigilant against who would physically lift the wallets out of our pockets, there is now potentially a new breed of digital pickpocket.

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  • Excellent quality RFID sleeves for credit card protection

I received 6 RFID sleeves for this order, and they are of really good quality. I think it's an excellent form of protecting your credit cards and Drivers License and one can't be too careful these days.

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  • These are great! I have used others in the past but...

These are great! I have used others in the past but they were flimsy and fell apart. These are much sturdier and they still fit in my wallet nicely.

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  • RFID sleeves fit great!

The RFID sleeves I received fit snugly over each of my cards. Even with the sleeve over my cards, I was able to fit them neatly in my wallet in the credit card slots.

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  • This RFID blocking sleeve actually works,

I put my credit card in the RFID sleeve and tried tapping at my local Starbucks and the charge did not go through until I removed it from the sleeve.

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