What is an RFID blocking sleeve?

Credit card protector sleeves for blocking are lined with a powerful electromagnetically opaque shield, approved by the US Govt, which blocks signals from unauthorized scanning devices and electronic pickpocketers.

What is RFID Identity theft?

RFID micro chips can be found in your passport, credit cards, bank cards and ID cards. Each chip emits radio transmissions which can be read and downloaded by thieves without you knowing by using a hand-held RFID-reader from up to 10 ft away. Reduce your risk of identity theft with our award-winning RFIDsafe™ passport and credit card protector.

How do I know if my credit/debit cards are at risk?

Your cards will have a small micro chip in it that looks like this:

How do thieves steal my information without me knowing?

RFID readers can be bought easily and cheaply online by absolutely anyone. Identity thieves use this hand-held device to tap into the radio transmissions and literally read the data on your passport or cards.

What information can identity thieves access?

All the information on your passport including your name, date of birth, digital photograph, issue and expiry date as well as biographic information. On your cards they can access your account name, issue date, expiry date and account number.

How does IdentityShields RFID blocking sleeve work?

IdentityShields’s RFID-blocking sleeves use a special award-winning RFID-blocking material. The unique material blocks transmissions and stops RFID readers from gaining access to your personal information and data.

Does the RFID blocking property lessen after a couple of years?

The RFID blocking material’s performance under a normal environment (condition of -20°-- 40° & 65%RH) can reach approximately 5 years or more before the blocking properties lessen. It is best to keep in mind to avoid direct sunlight.

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